Harry's TransFURmations

When it comes to fur conversions, basic styling goes to the head of the class.
By restyling an older fur, our intent is to add value to your investment and give them a second chance at a new life.

Scroll down to see some of Harry's transFURmations:


Natural Classic Lunaraine Mink Coat


Before Transformation: Too Big and Out of Style!



After Transformation.....


This style has been cut into a 3/4 sheared coat, with long hair mink accenting the cuffs and collar.



With the left over fur from the shortened coat, the fur was used to make a detachable hood...for a more casual look!

This style can also be made reversible with a water repellent fabric of your choice.


Detachable Hood

With this great 3/4 coat, the mink has been sheared, leaving a tuxedo of long hair Luna for an accent. It is reversible with a water repellent lining. This is our biggest seller when it comes to styles.


Here is the reversed side. Notice the accent of tuxedo and attached hood. We have several lining options for your own personal taste.


Reverse Side

Classic White Mink

Before TransFurmation...Out of Style...Too Long!

White Mink


After Transformation.....
Shortened White Mink

Shortened White Classic Mink to 3/4 Grooved Coat with White Fox Trim


Short Grooved Jacket with hook and ring closure


Shortened Groove Jacket

Ranch Mink Coat


Before TransFurmation: Ranch Mink Dated with 80's Shoulders

Ranch Mink Before


After TransFurmation....

Adorable Short Jacket

This adorable short jacket came from a Traditional Ranch Mink Coat. It has been cut and grooved, added ultrasuede sleeves give it a more casual look.


Another creation by Harry: Sheared Ranch Mink Jacket with long hair cuffs and collar. A touch of elegance with a casual look.


Sheared Luna Mink


Grooved Sheared Ranch Mink

This style offers a bit of fun with grooved, sheared Ranch Mink Jacket accented with long hair on cuffs and collar.



Keeping warm with 3/4 Grooved Ranch Mink Coat featuring a drawstring hood, finished with a long hair mink tuxedo and cuffs





Grooved Ranch Mink
Hood Up









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